About Us

About The Seniors United Party Of Australia

“For a better and fairer deal for all seniors, particularly self-funded retirees, superannuants and pensioners”.

The party’s policies are based on 4 principle policy areas:

* Protect and enhance MEDICARE
* Protect and enhance the PBS pharmaceutical scheme
* A National Palliative Care Scheme

* Affordable Aged Care
* Adequate staffing in nursing homes
* Retain registered nurses in nursing homes

* Superannuation
* Aged and Disability Pensions
* Self-funded retirees

* Social Housing
* Retirement Villages
* Residential Parks

Office Bearers 2019/20

Chris Osborne – Acting Chairman and Acting Treasurer

Warwick Stacey – Secretary – email:  secretary@supa.org.au

Bob Patrech – Council Member & Illawarra Co-ordinator

Helen Ducker – Council Member

Margaret Chaffey – Council Member & North Coast Co-ordinator

Seniors United Party of Australia Constitution

The name of the party shall be “Seniors United Party of Australia” with an abbreviated name of “SUPA”

2.1 The fundamental objectives of Seniors United Party of Australia are to:

2.1.1 promote and safeguard the economic, social, political, and fundamental rights of Senior Citizens.
2.1.2 to monitor, and where necessary introduce, or to seek to amend, legislation to ensure that Seniors Citizens living in Australia are not disadvantaged, exploited nor marginalised in matters relating to their finances, safety, well-being, and dignity, including those who live in residential and retirement villages, and those living in care facilities.

2.1.3 to provide the necessary support infrastructure for the democratic selection, endorsement and support of candidates to contest elections for state and federal Parliament representation.

2.2 Seniors United Party of Australia representatives elected to Parliament shall use their positions to:

2.2.1 uphold and actively promote the fundamental objectives of SUPA as detailed in 2.1.1. and 2.1.2. above.

2.2.2 fight for change to legislation that is not in keeping with the stated fundamental objectives detailed in 2.1.1. & 2.1.2. above.

2.2.3 oppose any attacks (whether from within Parliament or from without) against the fundamental objectives of SUPA ,or against the Party itself.

2.2.4 do all such other matters as the members and office bearers may decide will advance the fundamental objectives.


3.1 Any person who is registered under the Commonwealth Electoral Act, may apply for membership of Seniors United Party of Australia using the required application form. Applicants will be encouraged to pay an annual recommended minimum donation. Applications shall be made to the Secretary or a nominated deputy.

3.2 The Secretary or a duly appointed Membership Officer shall issue renewal voluntary donation notices to members as soon as is practicable after 1 June each year in anticipation of the next financial year beginning 1 July.

3.3 A member who through their actions brings the Seniors United Party of Australia into disrepute or who engages in behaviour that is considered by the Management Council to be detrimental to the best interests of the Seniors United Party of Australia may be asked to show cause within 30 days why the member’s membership should not be suspended or cancelled. The Membership Council may expel any member who is unable to provide satisfactory cause.


4.1 A Management Council, consisting of at least nine members, will be elected by members and re-elected annually when memberships are being renewed. The Management Council will select its leader, who will be called Party Leader, also its Secretary , Registered Officer, Treasurer and Membership Officer.
4.2 These five will form the Executive Committee and allocate work functions to the remaining Management Council members, one of whom will be the Returning Officer.
4.3 The Management Council may authorise working groups to have an ongoing responsibility in specified areas of activity. Such working groups are subordinate to the Management Council and their terms of reference, including purpose, duties, duration, composition, authority and procedures shall be determined by the Management Council.
4.4 Election of each year’s Management Council will be carried out by mail-ballot, allowing members to vote for nominated representatives who have offered themselves for service.
4.5 Before any public statements are made to the media, the Management Council must agree upon a statement that reflects the majority opinion of the position.


5.1 Party meetings will be held as determined necessary by the Management Council. At least one meeting will be held three months before the holding of any parliamentary election at which one or more candidates will be standing. A quorum at a Party meeting shall consist of fifty members.

5.2 Management Council and Executive Committee meetings will be held as determined necessary by the Executive Committee. At least 66% the elected office bearers at these meetings form a quorum.

5.3 Decision-making of the Management Council shall be by way of consensus, or if consensus cannot be reached then a ratio of three or more votes in favour to one vote against shall be required to change the status quo. Abstentions, although recorded, do not count as votes for or against.
5.4 Acknowledging that the Management Council is the supreme decision-making body of Seniors United Party of Australia it is recognised that for practical purposes there may be a need from time to time to make decisions between meetings of the Management Council. The body charged with this responsibility will be the Executive Committee of the Management Council which shall be subject to the Associations Incorporation Act, the Regulations, this constitution and to any resolutions passed by the Management Council. To this end, the Secretary of the Executive Committee:

5.4.1 shall control and manage the affairs of Seniors United Party of Australia between meetings of the Management Council;

5.4.2 may exercise all such functions as the Management Council deems essential for the proper functioning of Seniors United Party of Australia between meetings of the Management Council, other than those functions that are required by this constitution to be exercised solely by the Management Council;

5.4.3 has the power to perform all such acts and do all such things as appear to the Committee to be necessary or desirable for the proper management of the affairs of Seniors United Party of Australia between meetings of the Management Council.
5.5 The Executive Committee may authorize expenditure to the value of $1,000 on any one contract, service or item. Any expenditure over $1,000 must be approved by Management Council’s resolution.

5.6 Meetings may be held by means other than physical attendance at a meeting venue. Various forms of technology may be utilised to facilitate the effective operation of the Executive Committee.

5.7 The Secretary will keep proper records and minutes of all meetings; these shall be made readily available for inspection by any member.

5.8 All meetings will be Chaired by the Party Leader (unless absent when the attendees may select a Chairperson).


6.1 The Membership Officer’s official register of parliamentary members will be used to register and advise all members of the names and qualifications of candidates intending to stand for any election. All parliamentary candidates must be bona fide members. The candidate selection process shall be carried out in accordance with Electoral Office specified times, procedures and protocols.

6.2 Members living within electoral districts in which parliamentary candidates intend to stand may self-form and/or will be invited to volunteer their services to form, member-groups to assist that parliamentary candidate before, during and after the election. A convenor will be called upon to lead each member-group.

6.3 Any member-group supporting a parliamentary candidate for an election, will be offered overall support by the Management Council who will provide supervision, assistance to arrange funding and advertising of that candidate.
6.4 Member-groups and/or Management Council shall invite nominations for candidates to be considered for pre selection to represent the Party within an electoral district for a given election. The Returning Officer shall supply all candidates for pre-selection with a list of all branch members eligible to vote.

6.5 At any pre-selection meeting, candidates shall be given equal time of at least five minutes each to speak. In order to gain selection, a candidate must receive an absolute majority of votes. If no candidate receives an absolute majority in the first round of voting, the candidate with the least number of votes shall drop off and further rounds of voting be conducted until one candidate gains an absolute majority.

6.6 Parliamentary candidates and supporting member-groups shall be responsible for their own election campaigns, including fund raising and production of advertising material (above and beyond whatever common election material is provided centrally). They shall also be responsible for fulfilling any local legal requirements and providing necessary information to the Management Council for the purposes of complying with the election legislation (records of membership, donations, etc.)

6.7 In the event of any dispute over conduct or support within the preliminary activities leading up to an election in a district, a member-group may apply to the Management Council to discuss the dispute in the presence of the candidate. If the dispute remains unresolved, the final decision shall be made by the majority vote of the Management Council members who attend the meeting, allowing the candidate an entitlement of three votes.
6.8 Member-groups, in conjunction with their candidates, shall submit prior plans and specifications of their intended electoral coverage to the Management Council.


7.1 The Seniors United Party of Australia will allow its elected representatives (state or federal) to exercise a conscience vote, provided it does not impinge upon, nor conflict with, the fundamental objectives of the Party. As they have been elected on the basis of the Seniors United Party of Australia platform they are required to vote in accordance with that platform and publicly advocate it.

7.2 The Seniors United Party of Australia elected representatives and persons employed to work in the offices of
Seniors United Party of Australia elected representatives, together with member-groups, shall be subject to the specific direction of the Management Council acting as a single body and as proclaimed by the Party Secretary or his/her nominated assistant. Individual members of the Management Council shall not issue directions to elected representatives nor to staff.


8.1 The assets and income of the Seniors United Party of Australia shall be applied solely in furtherance of its objectives and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the members of the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the
organisation. The Management Council will be held responsible and liable to the members for the honest housekeeping of the Party’s finances and assets.

8.2 Once elected to Parliament, Seniors United Party of Australia candidates entering political office shall donate 10% of their remuneration (not including allowances) before tax to the Seniors United Party of Australia to help fund its work.

8.3 All money received will be paid into the sole Bank Account of the Party immediately after receipt.

8.4 Expenditure may include insurance coverage pursuant to Section 44 of the Associations Incorporation Act. In addition, the Management Council may effect and maintain other insurances as decided as necessary to the protection of all aspects of Seniors United Party of Australia.

8.5 The Bank Account will be operated by the signatures of any two of the four Executive Committee.

8.6 The financial accounts will be audited each year and the audit certification publicised to members.


9.1 Amendments to this Constitution or the dissolution of this Party shall be made by simple majority vote of the members who will be circulated with the specific proposal (or proposals) together with an appropriate form to mail to the Secretary for agreement or disagreement with the proposal.


10.1 Should the Party be dissolved, any assets of the Seniors United Party of Australia will be distributed to any non-profit organisation or organisations having aims consistent with those of the Seniors United Party of Australia as determined by the Management Council.

March 2016