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FREE For a Limited Time

Membership of the Seniors United Party of Australian has been made free, as we build the member numbers leading up to the next Federal Election.

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Membership entitles you to:

  • be able to be part of the party for a year
  • be able to receive an individual membership number
  • be able to nominate and be chosen to be a candidate for elections
  • be part of website blogs, correspondence and future Party App
  • be part of a growing belief in putting consideration of Australia’s Seniors interests in all political decisions

Special Bonus:

With Seniors United Party of Australian joining the Australian Federation of Minor Parties, you also, automatically receive free membership of the Federation Party in the State or Territory where you live.

At the moment there are 7 separate Federal Parties that are members of the Australian Federation of Minor Parties (www.AFMP.Network) and it is expected that in time this number of parties will grow.

What this provides for you, Seniors United Party of Australian and all the member parties, is that the growing, combined, grassroots members of all the parties can work together to build a strong and unified minor party force to work together to support community engagement, campaigning, pre-poll  and polling day support. the biggest challenge for minor parties has historically been the lack of grassroots support.